Free from preservatives, taurine, sugar and dyes.

The name of our drink speaks for itself. Clean Drink. Our goal is to produce the purest functional drink on the market and for this reason we have chosen to exclude all unnecessary additives. Quality for us is important. Therefore, we have chosen to base the beverage on water from the Anttila source in Finland, which UNESCO has designated as one of the world’s best freshwater sources.

Nutrition Information for 330ml:

BCAA 2: 1: 1 (leucine, valine, isoleucine): 2500 mg
L-glutamine: 200 mg
Caffeine 180mg
Vitamin C 62% NRV
Vitamin D 200% NRV
Vitamin E 15% NRV
Niacin 125% NRV
Riboflavins 71% NRV
Pantothenic acid 166% NRV
Vitamin B6 142% NRV
Folic acid 100% NRV
Biotin 30% NRV
Vitamin B12 100% NRV
* NRV: Recommended daily intake

• Before or after training (increase energy)
• During training (energy recovery)
• After exercise (muscle recovery)
• Recommended to drink at leisure (ten vitamins)
• Daily amount of useful vitamins
• Popular vegan drink
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